One thought on “14 Years after 9/11

  1. Cal

    Hi Andrew,

    That’s a good read for sure. I’m curious because it’s not discussed in this article what if anything can be done now to turn it around? I would guess that the wheels of big government have been turning in a certain direction so long now it’s almost impossible to stop.

    Big government, which is of course the order of the day for most of the western world…has proven to be one of the hardest things to change. If not impossible without the most extreme of outside forces which is essentially the whole point of the article.

    So, where do we go from here? We (the big collective “we”) are being attacked at home and abroad. Yet, it may indeed be our own fault.

    What do we do about it now? How do you stop or reason with an ideology, a belief system, a religion that basically says “convert or die”? ; where those (not all) who hold to the extreme ideals of their prophet believe they’re doing you a favour by beheading and killing you?

    Sounds like a conundrum of the first order of you asked me.


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