CFO Letter Example

An example of a letter for you to send to your provincial Chief Firearms Officer

Dear [Provincial CFO],

I would like to thank you and the Conservative Party of Canada for the effort that was put into the dissolution of the Long-gun registry, and further efforts that are being put into restoring civil rights to firearms owners. I have, along with my family, voted Conservative (if applicable) in all elections, and will continue to do so while the party protects the rights of their citizens in all regards.

The British Columbia CFO is experiencing extended turn-around time for firearms transfers and and Authorization to Transport documentation. It dismays me that more than 6 months have now elapsed and my renewal paper work has yet to be processed where in other provinces, standard turn around time is less than one working week. Further to this, I have not been able to contact anyone in the BC CFO’s office to enquire as to the status of the renewal as the phone lines are immediately directed to an automated recording stating “We apologize for not being able to answer your call. We are experiencing a higher than normal call volume…” regardless of the time of day the call has been made and with no option to leave a message. I have tried to contact the BC CFO’s office both through the 1-800-731-4000 number, as well as their local number (which has been reassigned and a new number issued which also goes to an automated recording stating “Thank you for calling the Chief Firearms Office for BC and Yukon. Our office is presently closed. Our regular business hours are from 8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday, with the exception of some statutory holidays when we are closed.”) regardless of the time of day the call has been made, and also without an option to leave a message. I have held for up to 2 hours, several times in the hope of reaching someone to no avail.

I am concerned that the BC CFO is unable to effectively service the typical volume of renewals, transfers and registrations despite a large volume of work being eliminated through the dispersion of the long gun registry. It also concerns me that this publicly funded government agency is not servicing the public in any manner of speaking, by essentially turning their phones off.

If your office would be able to extend any assistance relating to the issue at hand that myself, and possibly thousands of other firearms owners are struggling with, it would be greatly appreciated.

5 thoughts on “CFO Letter Example

  1. Sovereign Canadian

    Thanks for sharing this Cal.
    I just sent in my own application for a long-term ATT to the BC-CFO.
    Sent 27/Mar/2014. Let’s see how long it takes.
    Once I get that done it’ll be time for some toy shopping.

  2. Andrew

    I certainly appreciate the website above holding provincial CFOs accountable, but it would be hypocritical of me to not share my own recent dealing with the BC-Chief Firearms Officer.
    I received my LTATT today, exactly two-weeks after dropping the letter in the mail. In terms of a government office, that is very acceptable service for a Long Term document such as this Authorization to Transport.

    Also, my PAL application was processed in New Brunswick, then filled here in BC including my reference interviews, my own, back ground check, mailing, etc. Not entirely a n excessive amount of time either.

    So I have to say that I am satisfied with the level of service I have received so far….

    1. Cal Post author

      My transfer, short term ATT and the LATT were reasonable as well.

      However, I’ve heard of excessive wait times for renewals…so I guess that remains to be seen down the line.


  3. Cal Post author

    I should also mention that the wait times and rudeness we as responsible owners face with respect to dealing with CFO’s is symptomatic of a larger problem. I may not have experienced significant wait times, but the majority of individuals I dealt with on the phone were not exactly friendly and not forthcoming with information. If you don’t know the right question(s) to ask you may be left hanging in the wind.

    My opinion is that we are overloaded…bloated with bureaucratic agencies that neither care nor provide the services or levels of service required by the public. We don’t need CFO’s in every province, we need one efficient entity with which to deal with all firearms related matters. For that matter, once licensed and approved what further interference is required anyway? If someone is concerned about the mental stability of a firearm owner…then report them. If you’ve committed an offense…bingo bango…you’re done, no more guns for you!

    What else is needed? What is the purpose of renewals except for the “gubberment” to collect more revenue and generally make your life more difficult? Seriously though? What other purpose does it serve other than for the powers that be, to keep tabs on what you do, when you do it and what you do it with?

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