First Look – IWI Jericho 941(Baby Eagle II)

I just recently brought home my newest acquisition and couldn’t be more pleased.  I purchased my 9mm Jericho 941 from Wanstall’s in Maple Ridge and was thoroughly satisfied with their service and helpful advice.  I have to admit that their store is addictive for me and I’d soon be broke and divorced if I spent anymore time and money there than I do now.  Nothing like getting up close and personal with all kinds of awesome hardware!

Anyway, pics are where it’s at so, I’ve included a few.  One of my favorite things about the Jericho 941 RPL or full sized model is the large, molded grip.  I have larger mitts I guess and I like the bottom of the grip on a handgun to come to at least the bottom of my hand or slightly past; which the RPL model does.

A smaller grip size seems to make a gun feel less steady in my hand and certainly less comfortable.  For instance the Ruger SR9 – a handsome pistol with a really reasonable price point…it’s just too small for my hand.  The Jericho RPL model is however awkward for smaller hands, as my 20 year old daughter found.  It’s almost impossible for her to reach the slide release one handed and finds operating the slide mounted safety/decocker difficult.  Granted all parts are still rather stiff yet and will require some breaking in.

My Jericho is the polymer frame model and with a loaded magazine it is a hefty tool.  I can only imagine that the all steel frame version of this gun, fully loaded would be too large and too heavy for smaller shooters.  However, I imagine the compact models would be more than manageable for most.

I have also found that acquiring the sights on this gun is very natural and easy to do.  When you pull the gun up, it seems to just line up with very little correction.  That is one aspect of the reviews I read that I was really kind of skeptical of, but does indeed seem to be a fact. We’ll see if that bears out in reality when I get it out the range for some practice.

This gun breaks down in a breeze (just seconds) with no tools and is very easy to clean.  With or without the availability of an air compressor…cleaning is simple and its easy to be thorough without much effort at all.  I’ve already stripped it down as far as the manual recommends and removed all the oil and grease from the factory. Cleaned all the moving parts with gun solvent and dried with compressed air…so nice!!  Dry wiped down all the parts, then lightly oiled and re-assembled the gun.  Initial cleaning took about 30-40 mins, but I was in no hurry and was examining my new toy as I went. I would guess a regular cleaning and re-lube would only take 10-15 mins at most.