High River Gun Grab

Updates to my thoughts on the High River gun grab

I had previously published some softer thoughts on the flooding in Alberta and the High River gun grab.  I still don’t want to make this into the usual cop-bashing “right to bear arms” rant, but I am more troubled by this than I was before.


What has changed in me?

Well first I want to say that we are allowed to change our minds, or even just allow our opinions to evolve somewhat.  In fact, I encourage it.  Not being open-minded and just sticking to your opinion because you’re afraid to keep looking at facts is just plain bad.  This is what leads to bigotry.

I definitely feel more negative about this RCMP gun grab than I did in the past.  Mostly because I have taken the CFSC & CRFSC – Canadian (Restricted) Firearms Safety Course.  The rules surrounding firearm storage are exact and easily understood.

But where does my opinion now lie?

Either guns are stored in a legal manner, or they are stored in an illegal manner.  End of story.

Any firearms found by the RCMP must have been non-restricted, since by definition restricted firearms must be stored locked away.  There are only so many ways you can put long guns out of sight – and cops are pros at knowing these locations.  Though it makes sense to do so with our more valuable and prized firearms, we are under no obligation to lock them into safes.  It’s perfectly fine to throw a trigger lock on your 12 gauge and throw it under your bed; provided it isn’t loaded.


Going Forward

This is another example of bleeding-heart, anti-gun sentiment that I would expect to find anywhere else but Alberta.  Also a good example of our accelerating police state.

I now want to say that I am against the actions of the RCMP with this High River gun grab.  There  may be some polite Canadian response about this being for the greater good and for their own protection, but there is now no doubt in my mind that this was an intrusion of private residences and a violation of private property.

But, as with any indiscretion and mistake, I hope that the perpetrators have learned their lessons and will now respect our rights.

6 thoughts on “High River Gun Grab

  1. Cal

    You’ve covered the bases nicely Andrew. I have to admit that although as mentioned before I have always been and remain a supporter of law enforcement; though the High River “incident” was a wake up call for me. I am very disturbed by the lack of mainstream news coverage. Sun News did extensive coverage and I believe CTV might have done one follow up piece that I have seen. The lack of public outcry in general is dis-heartening and downright scary if you ask me.

    I am also not big on conspiracy theories. However, the gun grab in High River was similar to the Hurricane Katrina gun grab in New Orleans. I have heard from several very articulate individuals that the confiscations down south were even forcible at some points; with I believe it was either National Guard troops or regulars confiscating common long guns right from homeowners hands in the name of “public safety”.

    Some would say it was…well for lack of a better term…a test. A taking of the proverbial public temperature if you will. Sounds plausible, but is it reality? I don’t know. I hope not, but have governments done worse to their own people before? You bet.

    So was High River a test? Why did they allow cameras to accompany them during the house to house search? Was it to cover their butts? Maybe? Or was it to make sure everyone knew what happened and see the public reaction to it? We may never know. My friends south of the line, many of whom are law enforcement, military and ex-military are staunch 2A supporters and they believe firmly that there is a “plan” to eventually disarm the population. Many are frightened by the vast amounts of ammunition and firearms that Homeland Security has been amassing for several years now. It scares me because what happens to them will eventually happen to us…we are inextricably tied to our southern cousins.


    1. Sovereign Canadian Post author

      Thanks for the thoughts Cal,
      I definitely don’t want the High River issue to devolve into a LEO-bashing, conspiracy-theory, tin-foil-hat issue.
      I think we’re on the same page here, though I must admit I haven’t written to my MP yet.
      There was definitely an aspect of testing the waters for our reactions on this.
      Unfortunately, I feel that they have been emboldened by the utter lack of reaction.

      Yes I definitely see the general climate in Canada and elsewhere trending towards disarmament. They don’t really hide that. Their end goal is 40 million sheeple here totally dependent on the state for food, water, shelter, energy, security — thus totally dependent on them for survival.

      Major problem is the Lib media brainwashes the masses to support this general trend….

  2. Cal

    Below is a link to the Sun News hour long documentary “Broken Trust: Gun Grab at High River”.

    Really interesting perspective of the whole fiasco and sounds like much of it was due to incompetent and unprepared emergency services. However, the decision by the RCMP to forcibly enter private residences, damage personal property, seize firearms and leave dwellings unsecured and open to animals, looters and the elements was a gross injustice and reprehensible violation of Canadian liberty.

    There are no excuses………….


    1. Sovereign Canadian Post author

      Thanks for sharing that link Cal.
      I still hate to blame this on the individual officers, but they certainly must learn that this is not right.
      The RCMP and the governments as a whole are to blame.
      I am glad that this issue hasn’t gone away; unable to be swept under the rug by the offending parties.
      Also, I must say how pleased I am with the activity of the CSSA and NFA in bringing the offences committed here to light. This was the determining factor for me today becoming a member of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association, and the National Firearms Association. I am happy to have them as my advocates of gun rights here in Canada.

    2. Andrew Post author

      I finally had a chance to view this report in its entirety.
      All I can say is “Wow” and the RCSS (Royal Canadian Schutzstaffel – formerly RCMP) have some explaining to do.

  3. Cal

    My initial thoughts after watching were along the lines of, why aren’t we hearing more about this from the mainstream media? As you said, the RCMP have much to answer for with regard to High River. I am deeply saddened and troubled by the lack of attention this has drawn from the media and the general public of this country.

    Maybe I’m wrong and I’ve been wrong before, but I believe this could be a major turning point in how our rights and freedoms are handled in the future. I am anxious to see the outcome of the investigation or inquest and what, if any sanctions are levied against the RCMP. I also hope that further to whatever the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP determines to be a just decision in the case, that some of our elected officials will also seek to bring about an investigation and charges under our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

    I believe the RCMP and any other government agency for that matter, deserves to be held accountable for their actions under and by the law and in particular where those actions have violated the basic rights and freedoms of those people whom they have solemnly sworn to protect and serve. It is my opinion that these matters deserve the utmost attention and championing of our MP’s and the Supreme Court of Canada laying low these public servants and showing them what they are…servants of the people, not the masters of the people.

    Hell, disband the RCMP for all I care…Canadian icon be damned! An icon that has become ravenous and rabid needs to be put down for the good of all Canadians. Start fresh if you must and envision a new agency that assists local law enforcement with capital cases and major crimes…leave the policing and emergencies to the provinces, give the assistance of the Armed Forces when needed (disasters) and butt out of the day to day operations.

    All government servants and agencies should FEAR the people and OUR laws and OUR courts…not the other way around. Service should evoke honor and pride for the privilege of contributing to the well being of a free and democratic society, governed by the rule of law.

    We should not be a society, pistol whipped at the whim of arrogant, self-entitled, power hungry bureaucrats and the wealthy who believe their money brings autonomy and freedom from the rule of law. Last I checked, that describes most 3rd world countries…so where are we headed?

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