Worst thing to happen to Ontario since forever

Ontario Provincial Election

Some thoughts on the upcoming Ontario Provincial Election

Well first, being a current BC resident I want to say “I don’t care”. But that would be a mistake for so many reasons.  First, I grew up in rural Ontario and have many friends and family there.  They have suffered enough and don’t deserver to have any more of this Liberaltatorship. Life is much too short to waste it following provincial politics – but you would have to be living under a rock to not hear how badly things have been going in Ontario. It seems that every week in Ontario there is a new scandal, fiasco, or  generally inept handling of what should be a routine task. Some of the topics of interest:

  • The cancelled gas plant
  • The deletion and destruction of documents to cover up the gas plant scandal
  • An obvious incompetence of handling the province’s power generation, feed in pricing, and green-power subsidies.  Paying neighbouring states to take excess power? WTF?
  • The raising of business taxes and power prices – driving manufacturers out of Ontario.  I think I could make a healthy living as a relocation consultant for Ontario companies.
  • Proposing a new Ontario Pension Plan (because the government has handled its money so well it wants to force its citizens to allow it to manage their money too)
  • Public transit for Toronto to be funded by the entire province
  • And much more – this is just off the top of my head

Let’s hope that the Torontarted Lib-zombies back east see the light and make a change – namely getting rid of Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Fugly in this summer’s Ontario provincial election. Problem is, is there a decent alternative?

Is Hudak any good?  At least he has had the fortitude to call the Liberals what they are: fraudsters, gangsters, and scammers.  But could he actually fix things? Is he actually for shrinking government and getting them out of this debt mess?

Can the Libertarians attract a more main stream audience fed up with the other parties?  Or will they still freak out people with the anarchistic talk?

What are your thoughts?

One thought on “Ontario Provincial Election

  1. Andrew Post author

    Apparently stupid was not voted out.
    Worst thing is that I am now living in ON and viewing the path of destruction that the Ontario Libertards are leading us down. Billions in debt, incompetent electrical power corporation, dictatorial liquor laws, and now they think they need to ‘protect’ us from ourselves and operate an Ontario Pension Plan because the Canada Pension Plan isn’t invasive enough.

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