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Recommended Podcasts

Podcasts that I recommend you listen to:

I highly recommend that you listen to podcasts whenever you doing something that allows you to.  Turn your daily commute into ‘Drivetime University’, listen while cooking or doing dishes, and definitely turn your workouts into podcast time.  With time, you will learn which podcast tends to be best for what activity.

The Survival Podcast

Jack Spirko’s daily podcast, and the one that really got me thinking about self-sufficiency and personal responsibility.  Though much of the content is geared towards out friends to the south of us, it is still very, very relevant to us Canadians too.  However, you will be envious of their access to firearms, and (seemingly) cheaper land prices.

There are so many ideas floating in my head, but that I can’t quite put into words; then you hear Jack discuss it and the bubble pops revealing a concrete idea.

I highly recommend checking out the website and podcast.


Harvest Eating

I have been listening to Chef Keith Snow at the Harvest Eating podcast for much longer than Jack at TSP, and I have to credit Keith with getting me to think back to my roots of growing and harvesting your own food.

Listen to this podcast for ideas on seasonal harvest, increasing your food supply independence / security, and even raising a family the old fashioned way – with values.


Tropical MBA / Lifestyle business Podcast

Dan and Ian of the Lifestyle business and TMBA podcasts will help to you obtain a different type of sovereignty: financial freedom and location independence.

Though they’re part of the crowd living in south-east Asia, their message applies equally to Canadians working a job and/or living on a homestead: having a 9-5 office job is not actually financial security, and is not good enough of a way for you to spend your life.

From starting a side consulting gig, to running a business while travelling the world, or building a brick and mortar product business – Dan & Ian are the coolest guys in the podcast world.


Canada Prepared

The first and only podcast in Canada dealing with survival skills and preparedness.  I downloaded all of the episodes from the website and installed on my phone.  Now uploaded directly to iTunes, this podcast is thankfully more easily available.

Very relevant to us Canadians – this is one that you should check out.


The Fat Burning Man

A regular podcast covering health and nutrition from a paleo/primal point of view.

Thinking for yourself about nutrition, health, and fitness is important, and that is what you get here.

The fat burning man is recorded by Able James, who seems like a pretty cool guy to chat with.


Underground Wellness

Sean Croxton interviews health and wellness experts with a broad range of beliefs.  Some of my favourite episodes are from Paul Chek, Mark Sisson, Morley Robbins, Bruce Fife, and Dan Kalish.

Sean is great at presenting many different ideas to the audience – allowing us to decide what we want to do.  Exactly what I preach; thinking for yourself.


I listen to more podcast feeds than this short list, but this is mostly what you need to get started with independent thinking and education about personal sovereignty.

Do you have any podcasts to recommend?

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