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Hi I’m Andrew, I’m just a guy interested in self-sufficiency, personal sovereignty, freedom, and independent living.  I’m not political, but I like criticizing politicians.  I’m not a gun nut, but I enjoy firearms and believe in having proper training in their use.  I’m not interested in quitting my job and homesteading out in the wilderness, but I believe in your home being able to provide food for you.

Topics that interest me are:

  • Gardening & Permaculture
  • Hunting, Fishing, & trapping
  • Homesteading & Do-It-Youself skills
  • Made from scratch cooking
  • Raising chickens, ducks, geese, etc.
  • Firearms & Knives
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Personal Liberty
  • Self defence: armed and unarmed

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4 thoughts on “About & Contact

  1. Julian

    As sovereign human beings, don’t we have the God given right to buy and own firearms without a man made license? This is assuming that we only use the weapons for self defence. Why should I need some authority’s permission to buy something with MY money as long as I am not initiating violence? I came here hoping to find a way to assert our sovereignty and purchase guns without a license.

    1. Cal

      Hi Julian,

      Thanks for commenting. I would agree that we do have a “right” to purchase, own or otherwise acquire a firearm if we so desire. Be it for self defense or hunting. Many others would agree with you, especially 2A supporters south of the 49th parallel, many Canadians as well. However, as you probably have found…Canada is heavy on gun control.

      My question to you is…where are you from? I’m only trying to get a sense of what your background might be. In Canada, you cannot expect to own or acquire a firearm legally without any government interference. This is the standard of most “Commonwealth” countries (ie: England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, Canada)

      However, there are still many states south of the line in the good ol’ USofA, where you can purchase firearms quite easily as long as you have the cash. I do believe that Washington State, Oregon and Arizona for example all have very few if any restrictions concerning guns and long guns in particular are easy to acquire. I do believe all three of those states allow both open and concealed carry of handguns (not sure on permits for that though).

      However, if you like residing in Canada then I would invite you to lend your voice to the thousands of other gun owners/supporters in telling Ottawa what we, as citizens of this nation want.


      1. Andrew Post author

        Well said Cal. As much as we consider it a right, the fact remains that there are laws in effect here. Supporting the CSSA, NFA, and even NRA are steps in the right direction.
        Being safe, well trained, and introducing the shooting sports to others can also do nothing but help.

    2. Andrew Post author

      Hi Julian, you are totally 100% correct; we do have a God given right to buy and own firearms: for protection, for hunting, for training, for target shooting, for collecting, and even for fun. As long as no harm comes of others through this ownership, then there should be no restrictions. Of course, felons and the unfortunate mentally challenged probably ought not to own these tools.
      But that doesn’t mean the I have any intention of owning a firearm without the proper licences – nor do I recommend that for others. Having your guns confiscated, being fined, and possibly jailed is not a good way to enjoy this God given right.
      The same words above can be said of hunting, fishing, driving, construction of buildings, operating a business, etc. Though I feel that there is too much regulation and restriction, we are still far better off participating under the rules and protesting, rather than either abstaining or doing so against the law. The “Free Man of the Land” movement makes those of us striving towards personal sovereignty all look bad and marginally crazy.

      Continuing our use of firearms in a legal fashion, as well as having an immaculate safety record, along with promoting the shooting sports in non-gun owners is how we can slowly chip away at the excessive regulations. Being professional, well-trained shooters – rather than cowboys – is the only way to win over the general public.

      Thank you for visiting the site and making your voice heard.


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