In The News: Tornado in Seattle

Rare September Tornado in Seattle

At the end of September, residents of Seattle were surprised to hear of a tornado in their area.

Tornados are rare in mountainous regions; and are even more rare on the west coast.

But let this be a friendly reminder that things can happen anywhere.

Though the major story was the tornado in Seattle, the BC coastal area, where I live, was also heavily affected by the storm.  Electrical power was out for many hours for some customers.  Ferry service was cancelled from the mainland (Vancouver) to the island (Victoria & Nanaimo).  If you were out on the water in a small craft…..well let’s just say that would have been a very dumb thing to do.

Have some food & water, flashlights, candles, and other emergency supplies.  And even on the west coast, be sure to have a weather radio – you’ll be thankful when the next storm rolls through.

I’m now off to look at weather radios and short wave radios – can never have too much info when things get bad.

Were you affected by the tornado in Seattle at all?