Computer Privacy

The programs & web applets I use for computer privacy

Between hackers, competitors, nosy kids, and nosier NSA agents, computer privacy is a very hot topic.  Well in Canada we have to also watch out for the nosiness of the CSIS, CSEC, and I’m sure that the CRTC wants to make sure we’re not using any naughty language.

Here are programs that I use or am looking into for my own computer privacy:

Duck Duck Go – a search engine that keeps no records on you

Firefox – Apparently one of the most secure of the major browsers

Truecrypt – A free file encryption program

Ghostery – See who’s tracking you and block many trackers

Foxy Proxy – Proxy tools for Firefox & Internet Explorer – List of available Proxy IP Addresses

WOT World of Trust – Know which websites to trust

Malware Bytes – Free Anti-malware download


Not convinced that you need to look after your own computer privacy?  Read this:

Uncle Sam Admits Monitoring You For These 377 Words


Also, just listened to The Great Northern Prepper Episode 23 – Internet Privacy and Security for Preppers.  Give it a listed too.

Another great podcast episode I listened to was Poor Man Prepper Episode 441 – The Internet, Privacy, and Encryption

What do you use for computer privacy?  What are your concerns?  Have you had