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In the News: Quebec banning religious garb

I am a minarchist and fully support personal freedom and liberty.  The government has no place in regulating or banning our clothing: whether it is for religious, political, or ANY other reason.  There should be no state supported religion – all countries and states should be completely secular.


Recently, the provincial government of Quebec, led but the Parti Quebecois, revealed their plans to ban wearing religious outfits or symbols by those in public service.  This specifically mentions turbans (worn by Sikhs and others), Islamic headscarves, Kippas (Jewish caps), and others.  I think this action is wrong.  Now, I will never go on a parade promoting these items, but I am not offended by them at all whatsoever.  In fact, I can admire a person secure enough in their religious beliefs to wear such obvious symbols of their devotion.  Essentially, if it is not causing us harm, hindering our freedom, or standing in our way of progress with our own life – then it is none of our business.

Currently I live in a multi-cultural, international city, I think it would be boring if everybody looked the same and wore the same clothes.  Different people, different languages, different foods, different cultures, and even different clothes make for a well-balanced society.

I think this is just a case of the provincial government creating sensationalism and wasting more money in an area where they have no right to be meddling.  Thankfully all of the opposition parties in the province do not support the ban.  But why is this even being discussed?  Why does the provence think that this is an area that they even have a say in?

Read the entire Globe & Mail article here: Quebec Reveals Religious Symbols to be Banned from Public Sector

As an aside, as much as I am the biggest fan of personal liberty, I do not endorse enforcing separate laws on separate groups of people (i.e. Sharira law), wasting tax payer money on translation services (if you don’t speak English or French – that’s your problem), and any sort of minority quotas or affirmative action.

These are all forms of government interference and/or waste.

What are your thoughts on Quebec banning religious garb?  Does this affect you?