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Question: What Are The Top Five Must Haves for your BOB (Bug-Out-Bag)?

The five items you need to have with you for bugging-out BOB or for emergencies

My top 5 never change much – except for the time of year:

#1 – Water filtration / purification tabs (summer #1 / winter #2)

#2 – Fire Starter or Tinder & Striker Kit (winter #1 / summer #2)

#3 – Knife (tactical folder)

#4 – Space blanket (will double as a poncho to keep the water off too)

#5 – Emerg food / water rations (small packs)

What’s in your bug-out-bag?

Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s that time of the year again where we are constantly looking for good Christmas gift ideas.

But what should you the the loved ones in your life?  Things that they will enjoy and will help promote self-sufficiency.  They may not be a homesteader, prepare, modern survivalist, etc – and they don’t have to be to make the most of the right gifts.

However, a gift is pretty useless if it doesn’t appeal to the person you give it to.  Choose wisely!

Some of my Christmas gift ideas:

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5.11 Tactical Rush MOAB 10 Unboxing & First Look

My first impressions of the Rush MOAB 10

Over the years I have tried a number of different bags for my everyday carry and laptop.

Messenger style shoulder bags, backpacks, and laptop sleeves – I’ve tried a lot of different combinations.  Things are more difficult because I have a 17″ MacBook Laptop – many packs and bags are meant more for 15″ units.  For about the past five years, I have used a Targus backpack that would take my large laptop.  It’s EDC capabilities were ok, but it was gear more just for the laptop, a book, and some documents.

I’ve also had a decent Oggi EDC backpack that my employer gave me.  I was better for carrying items (first aid, food, small jacket, flash light, multitool, etc.) and was pretty heavy-duty.  But the layout still wasn’t quite what I was looking for.  Plus my laptop wouldn’t fit, so I had to use a sleeve with handles.

So I decided to take a close look at the Rush MOAB 10 by 5.11 Tactical

Click here for Pricing and Reviews from Amazon

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Equipment to help with Self Sufficiency

Knowledge, experience, and attitude are the most valuable assets you can have when it comes to being self sufficient.  However, owning some equipment or stocking up on some supplies can speed up the process and makes things a lot more enjoyable for you.

This list is a live document and I will make additions from time to time.

Here are some good lists of equipment, tools, and other supplies that I have found online:

Hand Tools and Homestead Gear

Basic Tool Kit

Intermediate Information on a Basic Tool Kit Part 1  /  Tool Kit Part 2

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