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Do the Liberals and NDP want to Steal our Guns?

I am was actively trying to stay out of the federal election political shit storm.

But then I see the Facebook posts about what Mulcair and Trudeau have to say about firearms.
Some of it is true and some of it is shock-media fear mongering.
There is, however, some definite truth to the hype of them bringing back the gun registry.
Though it may be old, I was forwarded this article in the National Post about Mulcair’s plans: NDP government would create new and improved gun registry

Sure it’s an election cycle and all of these ineffective talking heads have to have talking points and promises to lie about.
But nothing scares me more than allowing any more room for commies, socialists, pinkos, regressive ‘progressives’, antis of any sort, and Turdeau’s Libertarded army.

Below is a great cartoon I found on Right Wing Nation, but I think it originated from the NFA (a cluster fpuck of an organization and has circle jerked itself into ineffectiveness right before one of the most important elections in Canada regarding firearms rights).

Enjoy.  Be on the look out for the Beardo and the Kid.

You could wake up with the NDP and/or Liberals wanting to steal your guns

You could wake up with the NDP and/or Liberals wanting to steal your guns

Worst thing to happen to Ontario since forever

Ontario Provincial Election

Some thoughts on the upcoming Ontario Provincial Election

Well first, being a current BC resident I want to say “I don’t care”. But that would be a mistake for so many reasons.  First, I grew up in rural Ontario and have many friends and family there.  They have suffered enough and don’t deserver to have any more of this Liberaltatorship. Life is much too short to waste it following provincial politics – but you would have to be living under a rock to not hear how badly things have been going in Ontario. It seems that every week in Ontario there is a new scandal, fiasco, or  generally inept handling of what should be a routine task. Some of the topics of interest:

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High River, the “Abolished” Long Gun Registry & the CFP

So, what are we Canadians supposed to think?  What are we to make of the recent developments regarding the so-called “abolished” Long Gun Registry, the smashing of personal liberty in High River, AB and the Canadian Firearms Program (CFP which is administered by the RCMP) nearly criminalizing thousands of legitimate gun owners with the stroke of a pen?

In my humble opinion, something smells bad…really bad.  Not so unusual though, it is emanating from Ottawa, the headquarters of Canadian bureaucracy.  Consider this term “Bureaucratic Dictatorship”…look it up and tell me you don’t see the makings of a disaster.

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Federal Government Bans Incandescent Bulbs

The Canadian Federal Government Bans Incandescent Bulbs

Starting 01 January 2014, there is a ban on standard incandescent light bulbs with an output of 75W and 100W.  I had totally forgotten about this, since the discussions were seven years ago.  But now I see that this is still set to take effect in the new year.  40W and 60W are set to be off the shelves by the end of 2014.

The goal is to displace the use of incandescent bulbs with the more expensive compact fluorescent CFL bulbs.  This is still the direction that they are going, even though there is still much controversy on their efficiency claims, bulb life expectancy, and disposal concerns (these bulbs contain Mercury).

Personally, I feel there is a place in the house for both CFL bulbs and traditional incandescent.  I’m not an opponent of energy efficiency or protecting the environment.  But sometimes we are blind by trying to optimize for only one variable.

My go-to source for information on this has been a recent Globe & Mail Article:  Federal Incandescent Light Bulb Ban Set to Start in New Year

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Ron Paul Videos

Collection of Ron Paul Videos

As Canadians, we don’t usually look to the USA for political or economic advise – especially these days with the turmoil going on there.  But there is an Exception: Dr. Ron Paul.

Dr. Paul is a Republican, but not a big government Republican like the rest of them.  He is an opponent of big gov, fascism,  corporatism, income tax, and foreign military intervention.  In this way, we are on the same page regarding politics: Less is More.

Hear is a collection of my favourite Ron Paul Videos:

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Consumer Nutrition Responsibility

I recently answered some questions on a survey for the Canadian Government about Consumer Nutrition, Food Labelling, and what they can do to help.

The survey was poorly laid out for most consumers to actually answer; Questions were unclear and the survey was too long.  It likely cost us a lot of money to put on though, no doubt.

I thought I would share some of my answers which reflect my opinions on consumer nutrition responsibility and food labelling requirements.

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In the News: US Government Shutdown

Today we are all reading about the US government shutdown.

Should we in Canada care?  Does it affect us?

Well yes and no.  It doesn’t really affect you (unless you’re travelling to a national park) – but it is good to pay a bit of attention to it.

But in reality it is interesting to see how this is playing out, the causes, and the effects.  It is really coming off as a bit of a child’s game.

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In The News: Harper Prorogues Parliament Again

As a Canadian who is interested in personal sovereignty, you may be someone who votes for the Conservative Party by default.  I suggest you rethink that because they stand just as much for the expansion of government as the Liberals and socialist NDPs.  But perhaps with a bit more of an elitist and corporatist flavour than the other two.

For the fourth time during his tenure, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has prorogued the federal parliament.  This time, it was to prevent having to answer questions over senate expense account scandals.  This scandal involves inappropriate expense account claims by Mac Harb, Mike Duffy, Patrick Brazeau, and most recently Pamela Wallin.  The short version of the story is that these senators expensed hefty travel charges for activities that were unrelated to the Senate.  We’re not talking $5000 here; some of the figures I’ve seen thrown around are of the $100,000 order.  Just more examples of government misspending our money.  Thankfully, it is a continued topic of debate whether the Senate is still relevant and worth the cost, or if it should be abolished.

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In the News: Quebec banning religious garb

I am a minarchist and fully support personal freedom and liberty.  The government has no place in regulating or banning our clothing: whether it is for religious, political, or ANY other reason.  There should be no state supported religion – all countries and states should be completely secular.


Recently, the provincial government of Quebec, led but the Parti Quebecois, revealed their plans to ban wearing religious outfits or symbols by those in public service.  This specifically mentions turbans (worn by Sikhs and others), Islamic headscarves, Kippas (Jewish caps), and others.  I think this action is wrong.  Now, I will never go on a parade promoting these items, but I am not offended by them at all whatsoever.  In fact, I can admire a person secure enough in their religious beliefs to wear such obvious symbols of their devotion.  Essentially, if it is not causing us harm, hindering our freedom, or standing in our way of progress with our own life – then it is none of our business.

Currently I live in a multi-cultural, international city, I think it would be boring if everybody looked the same and wore the same clothes.  Different people, different languages, different foods, different cultures, and even different clothes make for a well-balanced society.

I think this is just a case of the provincial government creating sensationalism and wasting more money in an area where they have no right to be meddling.  Thankfully all of the opposition parties in the province do not support the ban.  But why is this even being discussed?  Why does the provence think that this is an area that they even have a say in?

Read the entire Globe & Mail article here: Quebec Reveals Religious Symbols to be Banned from Public Sector

As an aside, as much as I am the biggest fan of personal liberty, I do not endorse enforcing separate laws on separate groups of people (i.e. Sharira law), wasting tax payer money on translation services (if you don’t speak English or French – that’s your problem), and any sort of minority quotas or affirmative action.

These are all forms of government interference and/or waste.

What are your thoughts on Quebec banning religious garb?  Does this affect you?