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Federal Government Bans Incandescent Bulbs

The Canadian Federal Government Bans Incandescent Bulbs

Starting 01 January 2014, there is a ban on standard incandescent light bulbs with an output of 75W and 100W.  I had totally forgotten about this, since the discussions were seven years ago.  But now I see that this is still set to take effect in the new year.  40W and 60W are set to be off the shelves by the end of 2014.

The goal is to displace the use of incandescent bulbs with the more expensive compact fluorescent CFL bulbs.  This is still the direction that they are going, even though there is still much controversy on their efficiency claims, bulb life expectancy, and disposal concerns (these bulbs contain Mercury).

Personally, I feel there is a place in the house for both CFL bulbs and traditional incandescent.  I’m not an opponent of energy efficiency or protecting the environment.  But sometimes we are blind by trying to optimize for only one variable.

My go-to source for information on this has been a recent Globe & Mail Article:  Federal Incandescent Light Bulb Ban Set to Start in New Year

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