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First Time fishing in Ontario

Tomorrow I am heading up to Lake Simcoe with a couple of buddies to go fishing.
Other than my high-school, backwoods, carp fishing, catch nothing but a buzz days, this is my first time fishing in Ontario.

The plan is to rent a boat and go fishing for bass and pike out on Cook’s Bay.  Not a bad way to spend a day eh.

So I thought I would do myself a favour and look up the regulations, etc.

Here are the good resources I found:

Fishing Limits

Fish ONline – Reference for fish and limits

Ontario Fishing Licence

Hunting and Fishing Licence Issuers


Worst thing to happen to Ontario since forever

Ontario Provincial Election

Some thoughts on the upcoming Ontario Provincial Election

Well first, being a current BC resident I want to say “I don’t care”. But that would be a mistake for so many reasons.  First, I grew up in rural Ontario and have many friends and family there.  They have suffered enough and don’t deserver to have any more of this Liberaltatorship. Life is much too short to waste it following provincial politics – but you would have to be living under a rock to not hear how badly things have been going in Ontario. It seems that every week in Ontario there is a new scandal, fiasco, or  generally inept handling of what should be a routine task. Some of the topics of interest:

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