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Getting started with Hunting

My Plans for Getting Started with Hunting

Even though I grew up in the country on a farm, raising and harvesting our own meat and poultry – I am slightly ashamed of saying that I have no experience with hunting.  I have never had a problem with hunters, and always wished that I had those skills.  But that seems to be the problem with hunting, most people who hunt were raised by other hunters (father, uncle, grandfather).  But these days you will find older non-hunters, such as myself, becoming interested in learning about hunting and then going out to the field or bush themselves.

I consider hunting to be an essential skill for anybody seeking personal independence and self reliance.  Not only are you harvesting natural resources that you did not have to feed or raise yourself, but this is also likely the healthiest meat that you can find.  Naturally bred, antibiotic and hormone free, non-GMO fed, natural spring watered, free-range, organic meat – Almost the way that nature intended for us to eat.  No factory-farmed meat can compare to the health benefits of consuming this natural resource.

Below you will find some of my initial thoughts on getting started with hunting, along with some of the information that I have gathered.

Hunting is an important part of the Food Pillar of Personal Sovereignty

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