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Podcasts 02 November

If you missed it, these are last week’s episodes

Here are my recommendations for podcasts 02 November:

Lew Rockwell Episode 371 – Street Smarts with Jim Rogers – Jim Rodgers KNOWS money and investing.  We all should at least listen to what he has to say.  In this podcast Jim & Lew discuss Roger’s book: Street Smarts.

Lew Rockwell Episode 372 – Wheat Belly with Dr. William Davis – Lose the wheat, lose the weight.  Dr. William Davis discusses how bad modern wheat is for us.  This combines paleo and gluten free concepts.

Lew Rockwell Episode 373 – Homeschooling, War, and Banking with Ron Paul – I don’t have to describe this one.  If it has Dr. Paul in it, you should listen.  This episode if chock-full of wisdom.

Modern Self Protection 72 – Testing You – Criminals and Terrorists are out there testing your capabilities and vulnerabilities all of the time.  Ben discusses how to recognize this, how to react, and how to know when you are being threatened.

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Ron Paul Videos

Collection of Ron Paul Videos

As Canadians, we don’t usually look to the USA for political or economic advise – especially these days with the turmoil going on there.  But there is an Exception: Dr. Ron Paul.

Dr. Paul is a Republican, but not a big government Republican like the rest of them.  He is an opponent of big gov, fascism,  corporatism, income tax, and foreign military intervention.  In this way, we are on the same page regarding politics: Less is More.

Hear is a collection of my favourite Ron Paul Videos:

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Not mine, just borrowed

Podcast Episodes Oct 12

Here are some podcast episodes I recommend for this weekend.

If you missed it, here are last weekend’s

The Survival Podcast Episode 269 – The Issues Test (Where do you stand and why?)
Important questions to ask yourself when an issue comes up.  Whether it is political, news, or in your everyday life.

The Survival Podcast Episode 417 – Reducing your tax footprint
The taxes that affect your daily life, how it enables the government to spend more and more, and how to reduce your tax burden.  Hint: Be self-sufficient.  The less you spend the less tax you pay.

Harvest Eating Episode 180 – How Much Food is in Your Pantry
Chef Keith discusses the economy and how a deep pantry is something to work on in the good times.

Harvest Eating Episode 181 – Some Fall Cooking Ideas
Some great ideas on fall cooking and what to do with the fall harvest.
(Sorry to hear about the apples Keith)

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Ron Paul on Jay Leno

This website is focused on Canada and how Canadians and our friends can increase their personal liberty.  In Canada, we have a lot of media influence coming up from the USA.  It is so bad, in fact, that many Canadians follow the US presidential election more closely that any Canadian Federal Election – and I think that’s a bad thing.

However, there is a lot you can learn from our friends to the south and I recommend you be on the lookout for these things.  Listening to Dr.Ron Paul speak is exactly one of these things.  He has the most level headed approach & ideas of any mainstream politician.

Here I would like to share the video of him of his appearance on Jay Leno’s The Tonight Show this past Friday 26/Sept/2013

Ron Paul – Tonight Show with Jay Leno 9/26/13 by RonPaulFriends