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Fitness Plan for Canadians

What is the best fitness plan for Canadians?

Step away from the celebrity trainers, machines, and fad workouts.  In reality, all you need is in the following three videos.  Try some things until you’re tired, rest, try some more; rinse and repeat.  After watching these videos you should never, ever complain that you don’t know what to do for a workout ever again!

Exercise should be simple.  Be able to lift and pull your own bodyweight, be able to lift some heavy weights, be flexible & supple, and be able to sprint and run when necessary.  Don’t underestimate the usefulness of pull-ups – being able to climb is important.

You should follow these three guys for more fitness inspiration.

Ross Enamait –  Words of Wisdom Training Compilation

Funk Roberts – 44 Best Burpee Exercises Ever


Scott Iardella – The 7 Most Important Kettlebell Exercises


Do you have a favourite workout?  What should be on a fitness plan for Canadians?


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Weekend Podcast Episodes Oct 5

Last weekend I recommended some podcast episodes for you to listen to.

I want to do that again this weekend.  I listen to so many good ones that I want to share.

These are a few of the best episodes I listened to this past week:

As I said last week, I am a real podcast junkie.  I quite often have one on the go.

I will keep recommending episodes as I hear good ones, mostly relating to health, wealth, independence, survival, and preparedness.

Did you listen to any good podcasts this week?