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Canadian Thanksgiving

My Thoughts on Canadian Thanksgiving

As we get deeper into the fall season every year, we come across the Thanksgiving holiday.

It’s such a great tradition; one that we must keep gong for future generations too.

Some think that it is a celebration of food – and that’s not exactly wrong.  But I feel there’s a lot more to it than that.

Other’s think it is a celebration of family – and again, this isn’t exactly wrong.

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How to Slaughter a Turkey

Question Answered: How to Slaughter a Turkey

It’s Thanksgiving weekend and Turkey is on the menu.  Sure you could buy a frozen, or even a fresh turkey.  But maybe you raised a few birds over the summer, or somehow got your hands on a live one.  Now you’re wondering to yourself, how to slaughter a turkey?

Many of us have slaughtered chickens, and a lot of us have cleaned ducks.  But a Turkey is a lot bigger and a lot stronger.  So I decided to learn this for myself – of course I just searched for videos on YouTube.

Now killing animals is never fun, and neither is watching it on the internet.
But eating food that you grow at home is very fulfilling and one of the healthiest changes you can do in your life.  And if you are going to try butchering your own animals, you owe them to at least learn how to do it correctly ahead of time.

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