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My Start with Permaculture

How I am getting started with Permaculture

The most major part of self-sufficiency is being able to grow as much of your own food as possible.  I learned this at an early age growing up on a small farm.  At the end of the summer and early fall, the only trips to the grocery store were for items that we didn’t grow.  With canning, freezing, and drying we were eating this produce for most of the next six months.

But that was just very small scale gardening, and the rest of our livelihood came from conventional mono-crop agriculture.  I always wondered why we had to plant everything in rows and spend so much time weeding.  Thankfully we didn’t spray chemicals on our garden.  Perfect it was not, but I learned a lot about planting, weeding, seasons, watering, staggering plantings, collecting sends, harvesting, protecting from early/late frosts, bugs, blights, and composting.

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Shooting the Smith & Wesson 500 Magnum

Here is a short video I posted to YouTube of me Shooting the Smith & Wesson 500 Magnum.

On my first trip to a shooting range, we finished up the session with a few shots of the big 500.

It sure was a blast and I’m definitely looking forward to getting a shot at some of the other big boys they have there: .460 and the .454 Casull, along with the famous Desert Eagle 50.

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Music: Fred Bear

Ted Nugent – Fred Bear

Ted Nugent is a great voice of freedom, liberty, hunting, guns, and music.

He makes himself heard in the media and I really enjoy watching videos of him on YouTube.  Here are some of my favourites.

But he is also a musician and well know for some of his rock’n’roll songs.  Of relevance to you and me here is his famous ballad about Fred Bear, the late bowhunting proponent.

A Great Ted Nugent Ballad – Fred Bear

Ron Paul Videos

Collection of Ron Paul Videos

As Canadians, we don’t usually look to the USA for political or economic advise – especially these days with the turmoil going on there.  But there is an Exception: Dr. Ron Paul.

Dr. Paul is a Republican, but not a big government Republican like the rest of them.  He is an opponent of big gov, fascism,  corporatism, income tax, and foreign military intervention.  In this way, we are on the same page regarding politics: Less is More.

Hear is a collection of my favourite Ron Paul Videos:

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How to Slaughter a Turkey

Question Answered: How to Slaughter a Turkey

It’s Thanksgiving weekend and Turkey is on the menu.  Sure you could buy a frozen, or even a fresh turkey.  But maybe you raised a few birds over the summer, or somehow got your hands on a live one.  Now you’re wondering to yourself, how to slaughter a turkey?

Many of us have slaughtered chickens, and a lot of us have cleaned ducks.  But a Turkey is a lot bigger and a lot stronger.  So I decided to learn this for myself – of course I just searched for videos on YouTube.

Now killing animals is never fun, and neither is watching it on the internet.
But eating food that you grow at home is very fulfilling and one of the healthiest changes you can do in your life.  And if you are going to try butchering your own animals, you owe them to at least learn how to do it correctly ahead of time.

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