High River, the “Abolished” Long Gun Registry & the CFP

So, what are we Canadians supposed to think?  What are we to make of the recent developments regarding the so-called “abolished” Long Gun Registry, the smashing of personal liberty in High River, AB and the Canadian Firearms Program (CFP which is administered by the RCMP) nearly criminalizing thousands of legitimate gun owners with the stroke of a pen?

In my humble opinion, something smells bad…really bad.  Not so unusual though, it is emanating from Ottawa, the headquarters of Canadian bureaucracy.  Consider this term “Bureaucratic Dictatorship”…look it up and tell me you don’t see the makings of a disaster.

The recent, but not well published developments in the High River, AB debacle from this past summer indicate an alarming trend. That in addition to the gross violations of personal rights that occurred there, with some 1900 firearms owners homes doors smashed in courtesy of the RCMP. It appears this happened with the aid of information that was to have been long before destroyed when the LGR was “abolished” by our Conservative government.

Recently, the CFP decided that several expensive and “evil looking” weapons that are currently classified as non-restricted were to be re-classified as prohibited.  This would effectually turn thousands of legitimate Canadian owners without a prohibited license into criminals.  Why not then get a prohibited license you ask? Because you can’t get them anymore.  Why? Because the CFP/RCMP says so.  I beg your pardon you ask?  That’s right. The bureaucrats say no, you may not have one.

It appears that the bureaucrats do not believe in democracy and following the rule of law as laid out in our Constitution.  They have become flippant toward us, the people whom they claim to serve.  They act without thought as to whether the people like it or not, want it or not.  They do what they think is right.  Since when does the RCMP write or make laws?  Pardon me for my ignorance, but I always understood that the job of the police was to uphold and enforce the law…not write and amend the law as they see fit.

This is bureaucratic overreach.  Gross bureaucratic overreach.  Why are we Canadians not knocking down Stephen Harper’s door over this?  Why are sitting back letting our rights be trampled under foot? What is wrong with us?  Why are we not blistering the mailboxes of our MP’s?

We are in trouble folks. We need to speak up, make our voices heard in Ottawa or…well you accept whatever form of government or control or tyranny imposed on you then.

If we remain silent, we will get what we deserve.




2 thoughts on “High River, the “Abolished” Long Gun Registry & the CFP

  1. Cal Post author

    One additional thought on these subjects…what is wrong with the media in this country? Is Sun News the only agency with the intestinal fortitude to call this BS exactly what it is? Global, CTV and the CBC should be ashamed of themselves for their downright collective cowardly and collusive silence on these major issues of our rights and freedoms. Yes, I’m disgusted…thoroughly disgusted.

  2. Cal Post author

    Ok, one more thought.

    Whether you support rights of gun ownership or not, your silence these kinds of infringements of what is supposed to be a free and democratic society is a rubber stamp of your approval. You who are silent, deserve to live in a police state version of Canada where your freedoms and rights to live and do and be are nothing but a long forgotten memory.

    Our forebears worked diligently and fought hard for what we so easily take for granted. Your silence is a slap in the face to those who provided you with the freedom, comfort, ease and safety you enjoy today.

    So, enjoy it in silence today…and remember it in misery tomorrow.

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