Sample Letter to PMO or Public Safety Minister

Good afternoon Honorable Minister,

I am writing to voice my support for a full review, repeal and replacement of all our current legislation concerning firearms and ammunition in their entirety.  The current limitations and restrictions do nothing to protect the public from those who choose to do violence on their fellow citizens.  Criminals will continue to access and use non-restricted, restricted and prohibited weapons, magazines and ammunition at will.  Our current laws only prevent the responsible, trained, licensed and law abiding citizen from legally obtaining them.

I am thankful for the Conservative government’s effort to abolish the Long Gun Registry but it is clear that the bureaucracy has not followed the mandate of the elected government.  Recent developments in High River, AB have made that abundantly clear.  It is clear that the RCMP used the abolished registry information to target the homes of gun owners without just cause.  This is an affront to all Canadians that value democracy and the rule of law.

We as Canadians stand on the brink of losing our precious rights and freedoms under the arbitrary auspices of power hungry bureaucrats.  I thank the Conservative Party for recently stepping in and stopping the RCMP from a gross overreach of their authority.  For protecting legitimate firearms owners who were about to be made criminals by the stroke of an RCMP pen.

You see Honorable Minister, gun control takes what should be a non-issue and makes it an adversarial problem between police and gun owners.  Police begin to see the responsible and licensed gun owner as the enemy or a potential criminal…I assure you Sir, we are not!

Please Honorable Minister, table legislation that will make the RCMP accountable for their actions and bring them under the control of the people, our democratic, elected government.

Please table legislation that will restore full rights of firearm ownership for law abiding citizens and the freedom to carry arms when necessary.  Give us the legal right to protect our families, ourselves and our homes.

Thank you for your time,

Joe Canadian