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Choosing My Rifle and Caliber – Or did it choose me?

I purchased my first Remington at the tail end of last winter.  I wasn’t sold on one manufacturer or particular model of firearm.  I was looking to upgrade from my old right hand Savage Model 340 in 30-30 Winchester to something left handed, faster, flatter shooting and a more modern style.  I inherited the Savage from my wife’s grandfather several months before he passed away from cancer in the mid-90’s.  It always was and still is more of a sentimental hand-me-down than a useful hunting rifle due to the fact it’s the wrong hand for me.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the 30-30 cartridge.  In fact, if you were taking a deer under 200 yards, which is more the norm than the exception I understand, then 30-30 is the perfect round.  It has much less recoil than larger caliber rifle cartridges (that I can verify) and has more than enough kinetic energy due to the 150 grain or especially the 170 grain bullet to take a large buck in one shot…even with a poorly placed shot.  Sounds like my kind of cartridge!

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