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Podcast Episodes Oct 12

Here are some podcast episodes I recommend for this weekend.

If you missed it, here are last weekend’s

The Survival Podcast Episode 269 – The Issues Test (Where do you stand and why?)
Important questions to ask yourself when an issue comes up.  Whether it is political, news, or in your everyday life.

The Survival Podcast Episode 417 – Reducing your tax footprint
The taxes that affect your daily life, how it enables the government to spend more and more, and how to reduce your tax burden.  Hint: Be self-sufficient.  The less you spend the less tax you pay.

Harvest Eating Episode 180 – How Much Food is in Your Pantry
Chef Keith discusses the economy and how a deep pantry is something to work on in the good times.

Harvest Eating Episode 181 – Some Fall Cooking Ideas
Some great ideas on fall cooking and what to do with the fall harvest.
(Sorry to hear about the apples Keith)

Since it is a long weekend here, you may have more time available to podcasts than just these four.  I really enjoyed watching some videos of Ted Nugent recently.  I suggest you fill in some free time with them.  Check them out here.

I am still of the opinion that we need our own Canadian versions of Ted Nugent & Ron Paul.

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!!

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