Ted Nugent – The Motor City Madman

I grew up listening to Ted Nugent, Metallica, AC/DC, Guns’n’Roses, and Aerosmith.

Being a teenager in the 1990s, I think I was the last of the generation to do so too.

However, I had an extra special bonus growing up in southwestern Ontario: I was in radio reception to Detroit and listened to ZRock 102.7, which later became ‘The Bear’.  Ted Nugent was a morning host for what seemed like a couple of years, and I enjoyed listening to him getting ready for school.

Looking back on it, I wish I would have listened a bit more closely to his lessons of hard work, clean living, hunting, gun rights, speaking your mind, and enjoying life.  But I was a farm boy, so most of these things were bred into me; just not to the level I now wish.  Then you move to the city, get a good job, get yuppified, and start to be a part of the system – not a check on it.

Whenever I was driving across the State of Michigan, I would look at the forest on either side of the interstate highway.  I secretly hoped that I would seen uncle Ted creeping out of the bushes, compound bow in hand, dressed in camo, and with his cowboy hat on.  Maybe one day.

I have hit my own limit of socialist government policies, gun-hating rhetoric in the media, piss-poor meat in the super market, and a financial system that seems half doomed to me.  So I definitely find myself on YouTube looking for videos I resonate with.  I do this mostly to formulate the idea cloud in my head into a succinct topic to discuss in person or on this blog.

Last night I was having a local microbrew (Fourwinds Brewing Dunkleweizen) and was browsing YouTube.  As it normally goes, once I watched a Ted Nugent video, they were great at suggesting more that I may like.  I was so inspired by the passion and the sense that he makes, that I gathered the videos and wrote this for you.  He may not be Canadian or have much to do with our country – but we can all learn something from this guy.

Ted Nugent Rants


Ted Nugent Kicks Piers Morgan’s Ass


Ted Nugent – Fred Bear


Ted Nugent on What’s Wrong With America


Ted Nugent Interview


 Ted Nugent vs Roseanne

How about you?  Are you a fan of Ted Nugent?

6 thoughts on “Ted Nugent – The Motor City Madman

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  3. Cal

    Ted Nugent…I have to admit that I’ve always liked the “Noog” and I think the leftist media hating on him so much has probably endeared him to many of us who sit a little more right of centre.

    That said, he can be a little over the top at times. But when you’re debating a knucklehead like Piers Morgan who quotes oft refuted “statistics” and relies more on yanking your heart strings than presenting a balanced picture….I say “Go get ’em Ted!” If you can’t tell already, I don’t much care for Piers. He comes across like a pompous ass know-it-all and quite frankly we have far too many of these self-righteous “liberal” (What a misnomer that is eh?…But whatever.) types who think they have a lock on morality and a right to legislate what’s good (in their opinion) for everyone else.

    I watched several of those interviews when they aired and was bowled over by the overwhelming depth of misinformation and flat out ignorance on the part of the public and media on the issues of gun control and their own constitutional rights.

    Many people it seems are so overly concerned with protecting themselves against the asinine perception of harm that gun owners are going to inflict on them that they’re willing to sacrifice their own freedom. Instead of taking control and responsibility of their own security, they want to take away our ability to protect ourselves from the real threat presented by criminals and terrorists and Lord knows what other freaks of nature.

    They want to legislate safety into everyone’s lives. Ummm, news flash geniuses…you can’t legislate the human condition. Not Marx, nor Stalin, nor Hitler nor any other megalomaniac including Al Gore, Piers Morgan, Barack Obama or even our own Liberals and NDP can change the human condition or the human spirit. People break our laws now, always have and always will. Others have tried to crush the spirit and independence out of one people or another…they never succeed. All they succeed in is making misery for everyone else.

    I believe Ted said something to Piers at one point or another along the lines of “If you don’t like it here…go back to England!” Exactly, if you (read anyone) want to live in an over-legislated police state……well go ahead because last I checked, we’re still free here and you can leave if you like.

    1. Sovereign Canadian Post author

      I definitely love listening to Uncle Ted. Over the top sometimes, most definitely. But you do have to remember that he’s an entertainer – His DNA has him being more animated than Dr. Paul or any in the Canadian political scene (save Rob Ford).

      You’re description on Piers Morgan fits 100% with my own. I have never seen the appeal of him, but then again I’m not exactly the target audience for a limp-wristed, liberal apparatchik.

      I love the way that all of the lefty attacks just bead off of the Nuge’s back, like water off of duck feathers. If anything, this is an example of what can happen when someone is well-spoken, well-researched, and fully believes what he is saying in his heart.

      And yes, if any immigrant is interested in changing how we live, by implementing more control, then they are free to leave. I don’t want more gun control, more political correctness, Sharia law, less freedom of speech, or any more interference in our lives than we do now. Of course, I want to remove many of these controls.
      BUT, nothing inspires me as much as a foreigner working hard in our system. Those folks that came here with nothing, from war-torn countries, working hard every day, running a store, buying houses, and trying hard to integrate. This I like to encourage.

      I find that my level of fulfilment in life is directly proportional to the amount of the work that I have done myself. Government interference aims to take this away from me. Next, they will want to inspect home-raised eggs or ducks that we have shot in the wild, outlaw making wine from your own grapes, not allow you to work on your own car’s brakes, and be trained in the use of a chainsaw….

      Uncle Ted is doing his damnedest to save us from this nanny-state.

  4. Cal

    Couldn’t agree more on Ted’s sincerity. Here’s why…he never changes his story or his reasoning. Love him or hate him, you have to admire his courage, honesty and enthusiasm.

    I hate the fact that Piers is totally rude and a horrible interviewer that can’t ask a question and then shut up long enough to hear a complete answer. I’d be just as likely to reach across, grab him by the collar and ask him if his momma ever taught him any manners.

    The other side is, I hope Piers keeps inviting Ted onto the show because maybe, just maybe every time he goes on…somebody out there watching finally hears the truth in his words and changes their mind. You’re right that people like Ted Nugent are fighting for everyone’s rights, even for the people that hate him and want to silence him and others like Phil Robertson.

    What these so-called liberals call “tolerance” and a new world where dinosaurs like two aforementioned individuals are no longer valid or welcome…this is blatant intolerance. Hypocrisy and arrogance at the highest levels. This is the hallmark of the liberal agenda…they say that they love everyone and preach tolerance out of one side of their mouths and but then spew nonsensical, unfounded criticism and ire on those they disagree with.

    Here’s the ironic part of all this. We would never hear from Ted Nugent (except for music or a hunting program) if there was nothing to talk about, nothing to defend. Why? Because he would be too busy minding his own darn business, probably gutting a deer. See, that’s the big difference between us and “them”. We’re too busy living, to worry about how they’re living. I’m sure if you asked Ted, if he would rather be on Piers Morgan’s show defending the his rights and the constitution of the United States or out stalking a deer in the back 40…you know the answer already.

    The liberal agenda…it is an insidious disease, it is so deceptive as it smiles at us and says trust us. Then it proceeds to rot us from the inside out. It weakens the very fabric and foundations of our nations. We do not have the protections in Canada that our US cousins have and look at the mess they are in constitutionally. Very frightening indeed…I don’t care what anyone says about Obama…he’s a scary dude. I could go on and state more facts to back that up, but I don’t want to hijack this post. I’ll post it in another section.

    I do not believe for one moment that we have seen the end of the fight for gun ownership in North America. If we keep focusing on inanimate objects as the source of our woes…well we’re just plain stupid then. The fact of the matter is, the Lib’s (on both sides of the border) would like us to believe it’s about the guns, but I believe the real agenda is far worse than that. It’s about the power that comes from an armed citizenry…make no mistake about that. An armed citizenry keeps the government in check. They are after all, there to serve the people, not themselves…shocking concept eh?!?

    1. Sovereign Canadian Post author

      Ya Piers is quite a bully – which is funny ’cause he’s in over his head on this stuff. I really don’t get how he’s running that show…
      I’m amazed at the status quo of Liberals promoting liberal ideas and freedom, but then verbally abusing people who don’t agree with them or their ideas.
      When a word of objection is raised, the answer is “What are you against progress?” or “Do you not want to help the needy or elderly?”
      You are correct in that we don’t have the same protections as the USA does. The Notwithstanding Clause – WTF is that? Read about it – scry stuff.

      I am constantly on the lookout for charismatic Canadian folks along the lines of Ted Nugent, Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura, Gerald Celente, Peter Schiff, John Stossel, etc.
      Have you any suggestions?

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