Tax Reduction: Political Contributions

One of the most patriotic things you can do is reducing your taxes.  Yes I mean that – let me explain: This prevents the tax revenue from growing as fast and helps to prevent the various governments from getting as much of a taste of your money as possible.  Because once they taste it they will never let it go, and will deploy this money into more wasteful programs.  Wasteful spending can’t grow as fast if the tax base doesn’t.  See, I like my logic.

Political contributions are a decent way to reduce your taxes.  But of course you do have to have a particular political party that you support and it is real money that you are giving.

I have some more research to do on this topic, but it appears that you can contribute a few hundred dollars each year and receive a decent tax credit.

Some links that I have used for research:

Canada Revenue Agency for Federal Political Contributions

Tax Tips for Political Contributions

Provincial Political Contribution Tax Tips

Definition of non-refundable tax credits: A credit that can only reduce you tax burden to zero.  If it theoretically reduces it below zero, it will not generate a payment from the government to you.  Common, you know that this would never happen; they know what’s good for you and what you need – much better than you do.

I suppose since we are talking about real money here; I must confess that I am not an expert and cannot guarantee the accuracy of the figures on this page or any of the links I provided.  It’s kind of pathetic that I have to worry about lawyers so much that I have to make a disclaimer like this over what is like to amount to $200.

Do you contribute to a political party?  Does it make a difference?  Are you apolitical or anarchist?  I myself am not really political, but I do have opinions, especially on reducing the size of government.

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