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Weekend Podcast Episodes

Podcast episodes that I recommend while you’re working or working out this weekend.

Some are new, some are from the archive – but all caught my eye for the weekend.  Get in all four, but aim for the six.

  • Chef Keith’s Harvest Eating Episode 176 – Charred Tomato Chipotle Salsa (Keith is behind on his show notes so you will just have to listen to it in iTunes).  If you are in iTunes and have time, check out episode 174 – Ideas for cooking with local fall Apples.  I loved the idea of charring your veggies for your salsa.  Warning these podcasts always make you hungry.  I have previously recommended that you subscribe to this podcast for all episodes.  But these two are important and timely enough for fall food preparation, that I want to specifically mention them here.

  • The Great Northern Prepper Minicase Episode 19 – Optics for Tactical Rifles/Shotguns
    This is an informative but short episode discussing all the different kinds of sights, scopes, and other optics for your tactical weapons.  This is not something that I previously knew a lot about – other than from movies and video games – so I appreciated the information.  But of course this is really only relevant at home, so this is why I am sharing the podcast below too.


  • Modern Self Protection Episode 66 – Improvised Weapons
    Being Canadian, we typically cannot have guns with us, specifically handguns.  So we have to really think about other ways of protecting ourselves and our families.   This episode will get you thinking about short & long sticks, blade weapons, and heavy, blunt objects.  Most of all, it stresses the mentality of being aware of your surroundings and playing a mental game with yourself  of finding possible weapons.


  • The Survival Podcast Episode 1214 – Life After Awakening
    I’ve already told you to subscribe to Jack’s feed, but this one gets special mention – I may even listen a second time this weekend.  If you’re following this blog, then you are interested in personal sovereignty.  You may be enlightened, but the rest of the population is still stuck as zombies in the matrix.  How do you talk with them?  How do you bring this stuff up without preaching or evangelizing?  How do you begin to wake the zombies up?
  • TSP Bonus Episode 1212 – All About Grills & Smoking
    This one covers all the different types of grills, charcoal grills, smokers, etc.  Some recipes are given that will guarantee your hunger


I am a real podcast junkie and am lucky enough to have the chance to listen to many.  Check out my top recommendations for podcasts to subscribe to.

What are your favourite podcasts?

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