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Podcasts 02 November

If you missed it, these are last week’s episodes

Here are my recommendations for podcasts 02 November:

Lew Rockwell Episode 371 – Street Smarts with Jim Rogers – Jim Rodgers KNOWS money and investing.  We all should at least listen to what he has to say.  In this podcast Jim & Lew discuss Roger’s book: Street Smarts.

Lew Rockwell Episode 372 – Wheat Belly with Dr. William Davis – Lose the wheat, lose the weight.  Dr. William Davis discusses how bad modern wheat is for us.  This combines paleo and gluten free concepts.

Lew Rockwell Episode 373 – Homeschooling, War, and Banking with Ron Paul – I don’t have to describe this one.  If it has Dr. Paul in it, you should listen.  This episode if chock-full of wisdom.

Modern Self Protection 72 – Testing You – Criminals and Terrorists are out there testing your capabilities and vulnerabilities all of the time.  Ben discusses how to recognize this, how to react, and how to know when you are being threatened.

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Podcast Episodes October 26

If you missed it, this is last week’s episodes

Here are some podcast episodes october 26 for you to listen to this weekend:

The Preparedness Podcast Episode 195 – Preparedness Questions Part 1

The Preparedness Podcast Episode 196 – Preparedness Questions Part 2

Modern Self Protection Episode 69 – Types of Attackers

The Human Path – The Day the Internet Died

Podcast Episodes Oct 19

Some Podcast Episodes Oct 19 for this weekend.  If you missed it, here’s last weekend’s picks.

Fat Burning Man Episode Rich Roll – Vegans vs Paleo

Lat Cozad’s – Freedom Redoubt

Ripple Outdoors Episode 1318 – How to Field Dress a Deer

The Outdoor Podcast Episode 31 – Basics of Deer Hunting

Podcasts are a great way to learn new things, be exposed to new ideas, and hear news not filtered by your local media’s biases.

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Podcast Episodes Oct 12

Here are some podcast episodes I recommend for this weekend.

If you missed it, here are last weekend’s

The Survival Podcast Episode 269 – The Issues Test (Where do you stand and why?)
Important questions to ask yourself when an issue comes up.  Whether it is political, news, or in your everyday life.

The Survival Podcast Episode 417 – Reducing your tax footprint
The taxes that affect your daily life, how it enables the government to spend more and more, and how to reduce your tax burden.  Hint: Be self-sufficient.  The less you spend the less tax you pay.

Harvest Eating Episode 180 – How Much Food is in Your Pantry
Chef Keith discusses the economy and how a deep pantry is something to work on in the good times.

Harvest Eating Episode 181 – Some Fall Cooking Ideas
Some great ideas on fall cooking and what to do with the fall harvest.
(Sorry to hear about the apples Keith)

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Weekend Podcast Episodes Oct 5

Last weekend I recommended some podcast episodes for you to listen to.

I want to do that again this weekend.  I listen to so many good ones that I want to share.

These are a few of the best episodes I listened to this past week:

As I said last week, I am a real podcast junkie.  I quite often have one on the go.

I will keep recommending episodes as I hear good ones, mostly relating to health, wealth, independence, survival, and preparedness.

Did you listen to any good podcasts this week?

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Weekend Podcast Episodes

Podcast episodes that I recommend while you’re working or working out this weekend.

Some are new, some are from the archive – but all caught my eye for the weekend.  Get in all four, but aim for the six.

  • Chef Keith’s Harvest Eating Episode 176 – Charred Tomato Chipotle Salsa (Keith is behind on his show notes so you will just have to listen to it in iTunes).  If you are in iTunes and have time, check out episode 174 – Ideas for cooking with local fall Apples.  I loved the idea of charring your veggies for your salsa.  Warning these podcasts always make you hungry.  I have previously recommended that you subscribe to this podcast for all episodes.  But these two are important and timely enough for fall food preparation, that I want to specifically mention them here.

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Recommended Podcasts

Podcasts that I recommend you listen to:

I highly recommend that you listen to podcasts whenever you doing something that allows you to.  Turn your daily commute into ‘Drivetime University’, listen while cooking or doing dishes, and definitely turn your workouts into podcast time.  With time, you will learn which podcast tends to be best for what activity.
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